R2K Pointing Labs

American Pointing Labrador Retrievers

Versatile Performance Labs bred for waterfowl and upland Hunting

We strive to produce high quality, health tested, and proven Labrador retrievers!

Our dogs are not only hunt test proven but our personal hunting companions, guide dogs,  and family dogs all year round. Sound temperament, natural hunters with strong prey drive, and a love to work. 

"I would be a good contact to promote Koda's impact on the looks of a litter, the pups are gorgeous!! They are also as healthy and strong as I have ever had. A rainbow of colors but more importantly, great looking pups."  Curt Williams - Radar Kennel, radarkennel@bright.net

"Koda's a great looking dog and very talented.

 These puppies look fantastic and I'm really loving

 the structure and temperaments that they have,

 Also have very nice coats as well" 

" These babies have been great too! Great drive and super sweet temperaments" 

Deb Semko -  Semko All Sport Dogs


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